Readers often ask where I get the inspiration for my science fiction novels.

First, I’m an avid hard science fiction reader myself.  I’ve always got a book (or two) going. Some of my favourite authors are Elizabeth Moon, Gregory Benford, and Robert J. Sawyer. I also like reading books from new authors like Andy Weir’s The Martian. I also draw inspiration from my own experiences with aviation, the military, astronomy, physics, and astrophysics.

First NarrowsFamiliar locations work their way into my stories. For example, Anomaly at Fortune Lake is set in a float cabin similar to the one in which I live, and on a lake much like our Powell Lake in Coastal BC.

One day at our cabin home, my wife saw a Canadian Forces CP-140 Aurora fly low through First Narrows on a training mission out of CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Comox. Here’s a video by commcart of a similar CP-140 Aurora making low passes. Isn’t she a beauty?

The Aurora, and it’s U.S. military equivalent the P-3 Orion, is a four-engine turboprop built by Lockheed for anti-submarine and coastal surveillance service. In Anomaly at Fortune Lake, this aircraft becomes involved in surveillance of a very different kind.

Anomaly at Fortune Lake

So my imagination, experience, home lake, and a chance encounter with a low-flying aircraft melded together to become the inspiration to write Anomaly at Fortune LakeClick here or on the book’s cover for a look inside at Let me know what you think.

What are some ways you get inspired? — Wayne


About Wayne Lutz

I reside in a floating cabin on Powell Lake in British Columbia. My science fiction books focus on space travel, astronomy and alien first encounters. I also write a series entitled 'Coastal British Columbia Stories' highlighting the people, places, and off-the-grid adventures in and around Powell River, BC.
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Questions and comments are always welcome. - Wayne

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