Flying High


Arrow 997

In addition to astronomy, flying is my other passion. My wife Margy and I have a 1974 Piper Arrow that we home base in Bellingham, Washington. We purchased her in 1989 and have taken many wonderful trips.

Loving technology gizmos, we were early adopters of a Loran/GPS system for 997 (our plane’s name and tail number). It gave us increased navigation capability for trips to remote places like Cancun, Hudson Bay, and the Arctic Ocean. At the time, it was state-of-the-art. Now Loran-C signals have been decommissioned, and the company that build our unit is no longer in business.

The new GPS moving map is top center, the old "Polaris R2" is bottom right.

The new Garmin 430 GPS with a moving map is top center. The old  system called a “Polaris R2” in Inbound to Earth is bottom right with its one line digital display under the white buttons. George, our autopilot, is center left.

We installed a much more sophisticated Garmin 430 GPS with a moving map and terrain warning. Even that will be updated in the near future to include the new FAA required ADS-B collision avoidance and weather data system.


Author at the controls of 997.

Arrow niner-niner-seven and our old Loran/GPS became part of the plot in my novel Inbound to Earth. The main character, Tannon Bessimer, flies an airplane just like ours, with a GPS navigation system called a “Polaris R2.”  Thus, astronomy, flying, email, and the cockpit navigation device become means for alien first contact. I invite you to read Inbound to Earth to discover how it turns out. You can purchase it online in print and Kindle formats from Amazon, and ebooks from Smashwords or your favourite ebook device website. — Wayne

Inbound to EarthClick on the link below to open a PDF version of the first three chapters of Inbound to Earth for FREE.

Inbound to Earth FREE Chapters


About Wayne Lutz

I reside in a floating cabin on Powell Lake in British Columbia. My science fiction books focus on space travel, astronomy and alien first encounters. I also write a series entitled 'Coastal British Columbia Stories' highlighting the people, places, and off-the-grid adventures in and around Powell River, BC.
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