The Sky is Not the Limit

FC-2013-12-172pxGetting the word out about self published books is always a challenge. I read my Sky and Telescope magazine each month from cover to cover. It helps keep me current on astronomical topics, and dreaming about all those gee-whiz gizmos that are available.  In the back, there are classified ads, including some for books of interest to amateur, and even professional, astronomers.

IMG_0135Advertising in a renowned magazine with international coverage is a big step for a small private publishing company, but the opportunity to reach such a large readership couldn’t be passed up. All of my science fiction books have some aspects of astronomy, so I decided to give it a try.

Inbound to EarthThe cover image in the ad is of Inbound to Earth. The main character, Tannon Bessimer, is an amateur astronomer who discovers an object in the night sky, and makes first contact with aliens on an inbound journey to earth.

Here’s a free preview in PDF.  Inbound to Earth FREE Chapters

Inbound to Earth and all of my other titles are available in print and Kindle formats at Amazon, as ebooks at Smashwords, and at many other online electronic bookstores. — Wayne


About Wayne Lutz

I reside in a floating cabin on Powell Lake in British Columbia. My science fiction books focus on space travel, astronomy and alien first encounters. I also write a series entitled 'Coastal British Columbia Stories' highlighting the people, places, and off-the-grid adventures in and around Powell River, BC.
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2 Responses to The Sky is Not the Limit

  1. jesh stg says:

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blogpost “Beach Walk!” Am not sure if I’m getting this right. You are a writer and have your own publishing company? Or are you a writer who is self-publishing your books? Happy Thanksgiving by the way!

  2. Wayne Lutz says:

    Hi Jesh – In answer to your question, I am all of the above. I am an author, I created a small publishing company, and through that company publish my own books. So, in a sense, it is self publishing. I like having control over the complete process from concept to print. Even with a traditional publisher you don’t get much help with marketing these days. If you have any questions, please let me know. – Wayne

Questions and comments are always welcome. - Wayne

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