EZ the Catstronaut

Stick TailMeet EZ the cat from my first science fiction novel Inbound to Earth. EZ was modeled after the most important cat in my life, Stick Tail. Stick is now 22 (that’s a whopping 105 in human years). At the time I was writing he was a young whippersnapper, always begging for attention, so it was easy for him to nuzzle his way into my developing tale. If you met Stick, you’d find he has a lot in common with EZ: his love of food, his aloof demeanor, his need for human attention, even his fluffy tail. To somewhat protect the innocent (guilty?), EZ is golden, rather than black like the night sky.

Stick at CabinAmateur astronomer Tannon Bessimer, the main character, finds an unusual astronomical object. Astronomers credited with a discovery get naming rights, so Tannon’s sister Kelly suggests:

“How about calling it EZ?”

Kelly raised her eyebrows, as she peeked at the cat crouched on the windowsill in ready-position for any stray food morsels.

“He’s a cat who deserves to go down in posterity. But what’s he done for the world lately?” Tannon replies.

PomonaEZ is really Kelly’s cat, but she and Tannon live together in a home reminiscent of the one I had in Southern California, right down to the garage door EZ used to escape to “coyote world.” But Kelly doesn’t mind sharing:

That’s something important I’ve given to Tannon. He certainly wasn’t a cat person before EZ. Now that cat is a big part of both of us. Heck, I’d let Tannon have EZ, even if he wants to take him on a trip to the stars. Who knows, he just might.

Later in the story, Tannon connects directly with an alien associated with the object. “Me” emails Tannon to gain information about earth, and arrange a first contact.

“Tell me more about EZ.”

“EZ’s personal preference regarding food is fish, particularly tuna. Cats cannot read data, but I sometimes think they can read minds.”

Inbound to EarthIsn’t that true of cats around the world, and now the universe. Read Inbound to Earth and see if EZ really gets to become a “catstronaut.” It’s a fun feline twist to hard science fiction. And you just might learn if a cat floating in zero gravity can land on all fours.

Here’s a free preview in PDF.  Inbound to Earth FREE Chapters

Inbound to Earth is available in print and Kindle formats at Amazon, as an ebook at Smashwords, and many other online electronic bookstores. I hope you enjoy your trip to the stars along with Stick (oops, I mean EZ). — Wayne

p.s. Since I wrote this post, we lost our beloved Stick Tail at 23 years of age. I like to think he’s gone to the stars and is watching the rest of us down here, waiting for our turn to fly.


About Wayne Lutz

I reside in a floating cabin on Powell Lake in British Columbia. My science fiction books focus on space travel, astronomy and alien first encounters. I also write a series entitled 'Coastal British Columbia Stories' highlighting the people, places, and off-the-grid adventures in and around Powell River, BC.
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