Life is as Strange as Science Fiction

So far, I’ve written eleven Coastal BC Stories about off-the-grid float cabin living and related adventures in the Powell River region, but my true love is studying space and writing science fiction.

I admit, I’ve always been a bit nerdy. I’m not bragging, but look at the popularity of the TV sitcom  The Big Bang Theory about physicists, an astrophysicist, and a mechanical engineer. I think that puts me into pretty good, if not humorous, company. My undergraduate degree is in physics, with systems management for a masters. I interned at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, but opted for a career in military aircraft maintenance and aeronautical education after I learned that only the most famous astronomers get to gaze through high powered telescopes to discover unknown objects and worlds.

My small portable Astroscan telescope.

Throughout my life, I’ve maintained an interest in space and astronomy. Telescopes large and small have been a passion from my early teens to the present. The Newtonian reflector Astroscan by the Edmund Scientific may look a bit strange, but it’s compact and durable enough to take in our airplane for remote sky viewing. We even keep my 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope on permanent “display” in our kitchen, ready to deploy for nighttime or solar viewing on the cabin’s front deck.

Schmidt-Cassegrain in the kitchen.

I’m an avid reader. Most writers are. Monthly subscriptions to Sky and Telescope (U.S.) and SkyNews (Canada) are devoured cover to cover. It’s no wonder that the study of space would lead to my imagining of other possible worlds, universes, and entities, and that my educational background has led me to write in the genre of hard science fiction.

My off-the-grid lifestyle even played into one of my books, Anomaly at Fortune Lake.

Telescopes set up on Texada Island, BC.

I invite you to try one of my hard science fiction offerings. Thanks for stopping by. — Wayne


About Wayne Lutz

I reside in a floating cabin on Powell Lake in British Columbia. My science fiction books focus on space travel, astronomy and alien first encounters. I also write a series entitled 'Coastal British Columbia Stories' highlighting the people, places, and off-the-grid adventures in and around Powell River, BC.
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2 Responses to Life is as Strange as Science Fiction

  1. Good day Wayne! I happened upon your blog with a keyword search for ‘astronomy’. Obviously an interest of mine, along with many sciences. While perusing your posts, I notice you are in a floating cabin!! How cool is that?!? My hubby & I are hopefully going to be full-time RVers sooner than later. I’ve not been to Canada yet, but it’s got a pin in it. I am also a huge Sci-fi fan (42). So, what I’m getting at is your blog is worthy of a follow =-)

    • Wayne Lutz says:

      Thanks Midwestern Plant Girl for the likes, comments and the follow. We found the float cabin on a camping trip, so you never know what your travels will bring. Canada has many wonderful places to visit. I hate to leave my float cabin home, but this summer we are going camping in Newfoundland and Labrador. Camping and RVing are so much better than staying in towns and hotels. Hope you do get on the road sooner rather than later as you said. And dark remote skies are great for astronomy and scifi imagining. – Wayne

Questions and comments are always welcome. - Wayne

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