Anomaly at Fortune Lake

An off-the-grid alien contact novel

Anomaly at Fortune Lake

Book Description

On a remote lake in Canada, Ashley and Justin seek an off-the-grid lifestyle, while two anomalies merge into one. A distant galaxy exhibits unusual characteristics in Justin’s amateur telescope, and something under the lake is stirring.

Soon military submarine chaser aircraft from two countries are involved, and so are astronomers from around the world. It’s a race to discover the meaning of the anomalies, and Ashley and Justin take an unexpected lead in the hunt for an astounding first contact UFO. Two anomalies point to a visit from alien life that could change our world.

Review Excerpts for Anomaly at Fortune Lake

  •  The writer creates a great atmosphere that takes you onto the lake and into the characters lives, and the story really moves along. – Technophile at Amazon

Available in print and e-book formats from these online booksellers:

Anomaly at Fortune LakeFree opening chapters.  Let me know what you think. – Wayne

Anomaly at Fortune Lake FREE Chapters

Click on the link above to open a PDF version of the first three chapters of Anomaly at Fortune Lake for FREE.


Questions and comments are always welcome. - Wayne

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