Inbound to Earth

A first contact novel of the near future

Inbound to Earth

Book Description

Tannon Bessimer is an amateur astronomer who has discoveres an object that’s inbound to our solar system, and it’s getting the world’s attention. The final destination is unknown, but if earth is the target, communication is the key. The UFO is silent – until Tannon becomes the unexpected first contact.

Artificial intelligence has been evolving aboard the featureless inbound sphere during its flight between the stars. Now it’s preparing to meet a new form of life, human.

Tannon fights the consequences of his fame, while his sister, Kelly, adds to his challenges. But with her help, they lead the world towards a life-changing encounter with alien life.

Review Excerpts for Inbound to Earth

  • This was one of those books you stay up late reading, turning pages to see what happens next… If you like Rendezvous with Rama, Contact, and even ET, you’ll probably enjoy this novel. – Vandweller at Amazon
  • A common man caught in a fantastic sci-fi story. – Ian at Amazon
  • I’d compare the story to classic SF like Niven. – Azog at Amazon

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Inbound to EarthFree opening chapters.  Let me know what you think. – Wayne

Inbound to Earth FREE Chapters

Click on the link above to open a PDF version of the first three chapters of Inbound to Earth for FREE.


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